Environment and Health Information System (ENHIS)

ENHIS is an evidence-based information system aiming to support public health and environmental policies in the WHO European Region. The system is an interactive database, composed of country-level indicators and regional assessments (fact sheets). The fact sheets also include information on how data is obtained and how the indicators are calculated. ENHIS indicators provide information on exposures, education standards, health outcomes and policy actions related to the environment and health priority areas for the European Region known as Regional Priority Goals (RPGs):

  • RPG 1: Ensuring public health by improving access to safe water and sanitation;
  • RPG 2: Addressing obesity and injuries through safe environments, physical activity and healthy diet;
  • RPG 3: Preventing disease through improved outdoor and indoor air quality;
  • RPG 4: Preventing disease arising from chemical, biological and physical environments.

The RPGs, identified in 2004, were confirmed in 2010 by the 5th Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health held in Parma, Italy.


ENHIS database